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"Plans to protect air and water, wilder-

ness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man."  Stewart Udall

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Be Green and Earn Green

Due to sudden and extreme climate changes, concern for the environment and our children's future, Al Gore and other celebrities have urged people to go green. Now utility companies have joined the force by giving incentives to consumers to go green at home. 

While saving energy and helping Mother Nature, you may get rebates, a new energy-efficient refrigerator and even a tree!   Find out how. ?

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Takin' a LEED

Learn more about LEED and becoming a certified professional.

Spray-on Solar Cells:  An inexpensive solar material has been developed by researchers at NJIT that can be sprayed on surfaces or printed on plastic with an ink jet printer.  “Consumers can then slap the finished product on a wall, roof or billboard to create their own power stations.”  More?

Stackable Electric Cars:  A concept is being studied by an MIT team in which vehicle stack receive incoming vehicles and electrically charges them. Similar to luggage carts at the airport, users simply take the first fully charged vehicle at the front of the stack.  More?

Great Green Walls:  A living solution was raised to curb the expansion of deserts some places in the world.  China was the first countries to take such action. African countries are building green walls to fend off the encroaching Sahara desert.  More?

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Architect Mitchell Joachim with his MIT team designed the “Fab Tree Hab”, a method to grow homes from native trees. More?